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At the reception desk of hotel amadeo, you can buy the Salzburg Card, which will give you discounted prices and free admission to a large number of museums, galleries, and exhibits in the city. The Salzburg Card includes: Free single admission to all the city's attractions Free use of public transport throughout the city, incl. fortress funicular and panorama boat discounts for various tours and excursions. All of the services are simply debited from a chip card or "Swatch Access" wristwatch (also available in the Salzburg design for EUR 44), no cash required! The "Salzburg Card" is available at your hotel reception desk, at any of the Salzburg Information Offices, at ticket shops as well as at the newspaper store Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart. Wether you choose plastic or wristwatch - the Salzburg Card is your trump card for sightseeing in Salzburg!

Attractions in Salzburg

The employees of the amadeo hotel Salzburg have put together a directory of the most important sights in the historic city centre of Salzburg so your vacation will be as flawless as possible. When you stay at the amadeo hotel, we will be happy to personally advise you about which attractions will be worth a visit depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Also take a look at the hotel's vacation packages, some of which include a guided tour of the city.

Mozart in Salzburg

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is present wherever you turn in Salzburg. At Mozart's Birthplace (in the Getreidegasse Alley where he was born) Mozart's Residential House (where he lived), you will get a close look at the life of this boy genius. Personal possessions, instruments, and images of Mozart paint a comprehensive picture of the master. Directly next door to Mozart's Residential House is the "Miracle's Wax" wax figure museum, which is designed to be a fun way, especially for children, to learn about the life and times of W.A. Mozart.

At the Mozart Square, you will see the Mozart memorial. Other things in the city named after Salzburg's most famous son: Mozartsteg, Mozarteum, and sweet treats Mozartkugel, Mozart Taler, and Mozart Croissants. Mozart's Birthplace and Mozart's Residential House can be reached by public transport from the hotel within 10 minutes.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Salzburg Fortress is a medieval castle that reigns over Salzburg's historic city centre. It is not only a symbol of Salzburg, but also the largest preserved medieval defensive structure in Europe. In addition to the castle courtyards, visitors can also see the fortress museums. The museums not only explain the history of the fortress (which no enemy ever managed to conquer), but also give visitors a glimpse of how knights, damsels, and the Prince Archbishops of the fortress lived. No one could ever forget the wonderful panorama view of Salzburg basin, the old city, and nearby Alpine mountain peaks. The fortress can be reached several different ways by foot or by taking the fort's cableway, which spares visitors the steep climb. Reachable from the amadeo hotel by public transport in only 10 minutes.

Salzburg Cathedral and sacred buildings

Salzburg is a paradise for any guests who are interested in art history. In addition to the imposing Salzburg Cathedral, whose beaming white marble façade also had a role in the famous theater piece "Jedermann", visitors enjoy viewing the many churches, cloisters, and cemeteries. Franziskanerkirche, a church that is actually a strictly Gothic structure, conceals an interesting tidbit: Prince Archbishops Wolf Dietrich, who built Mirabell Palace, already had several children at the time he was appointed bishop. So in order for his wife, Salome Alt, and his illegitimate children to be able to attend church services, he quickly ordered that a house façade with windows be built in the church, through which Salome Alt and the children could participate in mass. Other sacred works of art can be seen in the nearby St. Peter's Monastery. The adjoining Peters Cemetery is especially impressive with its modest, wrought iron crosses and the opulent crypts of Salzburg citizens. Mysterious catacombs lead from St. Peter's Cemetery into the mountain. At Collegiate Church, also known as University Church, visitors will be impressed by imposing ceiling frescos. A colorful market is held every weekday and on Saturdays in the neighboring square "Grünmarkt". Other sacred sites include: Sebastian's Church and Cemetery (graves of the Mozart family and the Wolf-Dietrich mausoleum), Maria Plain Sanctuary (outside the city), the Cloister at Kapuzinerberg, and Nonnberg Abbey.

Getreidegasse Alley

The Getreidegasse Alley is often called Austria's most beautiful open-air shopping center. Here luxury boutiques are mixed in with traditional craft businesses. One of the things that makes this shopping district special is that it is under government protection, so instead of neon you will see only traditional "craft signs" in front of all the businesses. There is also plenty to discover in the many "Durchhäuser", or houses with public passage, and rear courtyards that are attached to many of the businesses and residential buildings. In flower-covered arcade courts you will find more cafés and shops waiting to be discovered. Getreidegasse Alley is a pedestrian-only zone. You can reach the center of the old city in 10 minutes using public transport or by riding a bicycle along the Salzach river.

Hellbrunn castle with trick fountains

Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus built the castle and Hellbrunn park in 1615 – not as a residency, not as a hunting lodge – actually Hellbrunn was designed to be a summer palace! Today, anyone can experience what was once reserved for princes and archbishops: stroll through the large baroque park, enjoy the trick fountains, view exotic flowers in the orangerie, take in the beautiful view from Monatsschlössl, play around at the Hellbrunn children's area, visit the Steintheater, or jog through the extensive Hellbrunn park. Hellbrunn Castle is just a few minutes away by foot from the amadeo hotel.

Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo is right next to the Hellbrunn Summer Palace. Domestic and exotic animals can be viewed here in surroundings designed to re-create their native locations. The natural conditions at Hellbrunn mountain contain rock formations, steep hillsides, and the regional Au landscape that are home to predatory cats, rhinos, bears, wild horses, apes, and Alpine animals. Attractions include: the tropics building, vulture feeding, cheetah feeding, and the petting zoo. During the summer, the zoo is also open evenings. At night, the zoo is an entirely different experience for the whole family. Salzburg Zoo Hellbrunn is just a few minutes away by foot from the amadeo hotel.

Mirabell Castle and Mirabell Gardens

Archbishop Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau commissioned construction of this palace as an estate for his beloved wife Salome Alt. Since his relationship with the commoner's daughter was considered illegal and his wife and their children were not allowed to live inside the city, Wolf-Dietrich had this castle built to be unusually splendid and ostentatious. An extensive baroque garden, the "Irrgarten", a labyrinth of beech hedges, and the munchkin garden were designed to compensate his family for their ostracism from society. The residence was rebuilt after suffering a destructive fire. Today we see only hints of how opulently decorated this villa actually was. The most famous structure, which survived the flames, is the marble staircase leading to the marble hall, possibly the most famous marriage hall in Europe. In addition to the civil registry office, Salzburg's mayor and a large number of other government offices are located at this historically rich address. Reachable from the amadeo hotel by public transport in less than 15 minutes.

Salzach river cruises

When the powerful Prince Archbishops still reign in Salzburg, the Salzach river was used to transport the most valuable product of the period: salt. But since the Salzach can be difficult to navigate, especially when the water is low, it went for many years without any traffic. Fortunately, a few years ago the "Amadeus" reinvigorated the tradition of navigating the Salzach. Departing from Makartsteg, this panorama ship gives visitors a whole new way of looking at the city's attractions. The preserved natural areas of Hernau and Josefiau are also worth seeing. The Hellbrunn disembarking point is not even five minutes from the amadeo hotel. Be sure to enjoy this somewhat different way of viewing Salzburg and it's sights.

Museum of natural history

The museum "Haus der Natur" is located in the heart of Salzburg's old city. In addition to permanent exhibits, special shows are often available. Dinosaur hall (with a moving Allosaurus), the aquariums, space hall, and the world of the ocean are equally loved by children and adults. Information about primitive peoples, minerals, insects, and history of the earth are shown in an interesting and attractive way. Another highlight is the reptile show with snakes, alligators, and turtles. Reachable from the amadeo hotel by public transport in about 15 minutes.

Toy museum

Big and small kids will find plenty to stay busy with here. Salzburg's Toy Museum in the former city hospital contains the largest collection of toys in Austria. The building is one of the most beautiful Renaissance residences in Salzburg. Throughout its 800 square meters of historic rooms, visitors can view dolls, teddy bears, metal and wood toys, tin figures, clown figures, toy trains, and much more. Regularly scheduled children's programs help families get through rainy days in Salzburg. The real Salzburg clown theater with Tante Antette (Tues., Wed. at 3 pm) is especially well loved. The toy shop next door is a great place to get souvenirs and small gifts for children. Reachable from the amadeo hotel by public transport in 15 minutes.

Carriage rides in Salzburg

At the Residence Square, right next to the imposing Salzburg Cathedral, carriage drivers wait for customers. Using traditional wooden carriages, they chauffeur guest through Salzburg's old city and never forget to explain the city's most important sights. Your carriage driver is also certain to have at least one or two entertaining stories about the Prince Archbishops or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Carriage rides are especially romantic in the winter when the Christmas Market surrounding the Salzburg Cathedral bathes the city in the romantic glow of holiday lights. Residence Square is in the low-traffic center of Salzburg and can be reached with public transport within 10 minutes.


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